Turn creativity to cash with weird scholarships


As any weird scholarships recipient will tell you, good grades aren't the only way to earn free money for college. For Williamson, N.Y. high school seniors Brittany Moran and Rowan Ketchum, it took 30 rolls of duct tape and 140 hours of creativity.

Both 17, they created their prom outfits out of duct tape to enter Duck brand's Stuck at Prom scholarship and, along with 10 other finalist couples, earned $500 for college from one of the many weird scholarships available.

"We looked at clothes to figure out how they were made with planes of fabric and make it out of duct tape, and then figured a way to connect them in a way that would work out," said Ketchum, who plans to study accounting at SUNY Brockport.

Made completely of duct tape, the duo used Moran's paint splatter inspiration and Ketchum's favorite colors of bright orange and electric blue as inspirations to create a dress, three-piece suit and shoes out of duct tape, plus accessories like hair clips and buttons and sliver-thin duct tape thread to hold it all together. Though the shoes wore through by the end of the night, and dancing in duct tape clothes was a bit stiff and sweaty, Ketchum said the entire process was worthwhile to win the weird scholarships.

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