Pirates Ahoy! Playfish's next big game?

pirates ahoy!
pirates ahoy!

Unlike traditional video games, which get announced months, maybe years before release -- learning about Facebook games before they launch is next to impossible. That usually requires more intensive sleuthing to find hints about what's coming next. This go-round, a little gumshoeing led to the discovery of Pirates Ahoy! -- a new game from Playfish that is "currently in pre-beta testing," according to the company's Wikipedia page.

A Facebook page for this pirate-themed game is also already live, complete with logo and the following description of the game:

Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure in Pirates Ahoy! the new game from Playfish! Take to the seas in your ship with all your friends to search for treasures beyond your wildest dreams! Do battle with sea monsters on your travels, find maps to buried treasure, and build your very own treasure island, the most shipshape pirate haven of them all! Are you game for some pirate fun?

I've reached out to Playfish for any official comment/additional information and will report back as soon as possible. Stay tuned.