Mafia Wars Mystery Animals: See the complete collection *Spoilers*

mafia wars mystery animals

The new Mafia Wars Mystery Animal collection will most likely have you hunting down a complete list of critters that can be added to your arsenal. See the entire lineup below. *Spoiler*

King Cheetah (rare)
21 Attack 42 Defense

Arabian Leopard (common)
20 Attack 16 Defense

Kangaroo (uncommon)
30 Attack 29 Defense

Electric Eel (uncommon)
36 Attack 20 Defense

Piranha (uncommon)
23 Attack 35 Defense

Badger (common)
17 Attack 19 Defense

Cassowary (common)
18 Attack 18 Defense

Dingo (common)
13 Attack 24 Defense

Buffalo (common)
25 Attack 12 Defense

Badger (common)
17 Attack 19 Defense

Are we missing any Mystery Animals? Which Mystery Animals do you have so far? Leave a note in the comments below.
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