Mafia Wars Mystery Animals: Add more fearsome friends to your arsenal

mafia wars mystery animals
Mafia Wars just released Mystery Animals that you can send and receive from friends. As you may be aware, animals have recently become increasingly important in everyone's favorite mobbed up Facebook game -- these critters are now part of your arsenal and the stronger the animals you have, the more powerful your family. See how these new Mystery Animals work after the jump.To send Mystery Animals to friends:

Head to the Free Gifts page and send Mystery Animals to your friends. Pretty simple!

mafia wars mystery animal

To snag your own Mystery Animals:

Head to your Facebook wall and when a friend sends you a Mystery Animal, click the Retrieve Mystery Animal button.

mystery animals

That will load the game, and in the homepage, you'll see a small window that says Retrieve animal (this kind of works like the Mystery Bags). Click 'Open It' and...

mafia wars mystery animal

... a pop-up window will let you know which animal you successfully retrieved.

Which Mystery Animals have you received so far? Leave a note in the comments below.
(AND, if you have images of your Mystery Animal, please send them to, and I'll feature them here with your name! Thanks!)
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