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Hey there, homesteader! If you're a FrontierVille fan, you're going to need this guide.


Well, one of the surprising things about FrontierVille is that it's got no place for players to see or display their achievements. Most games supply a way for players to proudly display, and keep track of, in-game milestones. These could come in the form of ribbons (FarmVille), medals (Happy Aquarium), statues (Pet Society), etc.

Without this future knowledge, you can't anticipate tasks, so you can't plan ahead to make sure you've got everything you need.

In FrontierVille, achievements are called "Goals", and they seem to appear and disappear like the wind. Sometimes, there can be as many as three goals at once. Sometimes, until you clear one goal, you can't see what the next one may be. Some goals can only be completed through sheer chance. Another annoyance is that you could complete a task, but be forced into a do-over, just because you did it before the goal showed up and told you to!

There are probably over a hundred tasks in the game at this point, divided into about 30 main goals. And now, we've made it our mission to report every one.

FrontierVille Goal Icons
Tend Your Homestead
Earns 50 Coins, 3 XP, and Experience Point Bonus for Friends

1) Harvest Three Tomatoes
2) Feed Three Chickens

Hint: Ripe Crops will wither if not quickly harvested. You can always plant more.


Clear the Land
Earns 100 Coins, 6 XP, and Wood Bonus for Friends

1) Clear Three Grass
2) Chop Down Two Trees
3) Clear One Rock

Hint: Chop trees multiple times to cut them down. Only trees that take more than one chop count for missions.


Find Lost Sheep
Earns 100 Coins, 6 XP, and 100 Bonus Coins for Friends

1) Find Your Sheep and Feed It
TIP: It's hiding under some trees on the upper right side of your homestead.


FrontierVIlle Clover in the storePrepare the Harvest
Earns 500 Coins, 10 XP, 40 Food, and Free Feast (15 Food) for Friends

1) Buy One Fruit Tree at the Market
TIP: Buy the Cherry Tree for 620 Coins; it's the cheapest tree available.

2) Buy One Pig at the Market
TIP: Unlocking the Pig for purchase requires 3 neighbors or 5 Horseshoes.

3) Plant Seven Crops
TIP: Plant Seven Clovers at 10 Coins each. It's the cheapest option, but you must harvest 'em within 5-10 min.

Hint: Crops, animals an' fruit trees are a major source o' food and coins, but they take time to mature.


Start Building A Cabin
Earns 250 Coins, 6 XP, and Wood Bonus for Friends

1) Buy a Cabin at the Market
TIP: Cabin costs 4 Wood.

2) Whack the Framework Three Times
TIP: You need 7 Whacks to complete the Cabin's framework and 6 Wood per Whack.

Hint: What you buy at the market is just a framework. It takes multiple whacks to complete a building.


FrontierVille Visit NeighborsVisit Your Neighbors
Earns 400 Coins, 20 XP, and Cloth for Friends

1) Visit Two Neighbors
TIP: Don't visit your neighbors until this goal appears or you'll have to wait a day to try for this again.

2) Have Ten Cloth
TIP: If you've already visited your neighbors, this task would be fulfilled.

Hint: Invite friends to be neighbors, then click their icons to visit them. You get gifts of cloth for every visit.


Move Lost Sheep
Earns 20 Food, 10 XP, and XP for Friends

1) Move Your Sheep
TIP: If you've moved your sheep before, you're going to have to move it again.

2) Own or Buy Four Fences (any type).
TIP: Don't buy fences until you get this task. If you already bought some, those old purchases won't count.

Hint: Use the Move and Rotate tools (inside the My Tools menu) to move and spin objects.

--- You should start seeing the following goals after making it pass Level 4 ~ Addleheaded Tenderfoot ---
FrontierVille Level Up
Prepare the Ground
Earns 100 Coins, 20 XP, and Food Bonus for Friends

1) Clear Seven Grass
2) Clear One Skull
3) Clear Two Rocks

Hint: Watch out for snakes!


Lay In Supplies
Earns 200 Coins, 6 XP, and 10 Bonus Food for Friends

1) Have 25 Wood
2) Have 50 Food

Hint: Feed animals and harvest crops for more food.


Tame The Wilderness
Earns ??? PENDING

1) Clear Ten Grass
2) Chop Down Three Trees

Hint: Grass can regrow as time passes


Spruce Things Up
Earns 300 Coins, 40 XP, and a free decoration for Friends

1) Buy Two Hay Bales at the Market
2) Buy One Pitchforck at the Market
3) Buy Three Other Decorations (total of six)

Hint: Decorations don't take energy to buy, and they give you XP.


FrontierVille Clobber SnakesClobber Snakes
Earns 45 XP and Food Bonus for Friends

1) Clobber 3 Snakes

Hint: Snakes live in grass, under rocks, and especially inside skulls.


Finish the Cabin
Earns 400 Coins, 25 XP, and Food Bonus for Friends

1) Finish the Cabin

Hint: First you need wood to finish the framework. Then you can send for building materials, or buy them yourself.


Customize Your Cabin
Earns 100 coins, 25 XP, and 100 Coins for Friends

1) Customize Your Cabin

Hint: To customize any building, click it and use the "customize" option.


Keep On Farming
Earns 55 XP and Food Bonus for Friends

1) Plant 25 Crops
2) Harvest 25 Crops

Hint: Planting takes no energy, just coins.


FrontierVille planted CloverMake Medicinal Tea
Earns 3 Energy, 50 XP, and free Energy for Friends

1) Own One Clover Tea
2) Own Two Mushrooms
3) Own Two Purple Flowers

Hint: Clover tea is found harvesting clover, mushrooms are found by clearing, and purple flowers can be found in any color of wildflower.


Lay in Firewood
Earns 35 XP, 1 Fire, and Wood Bonus for Friends

1) Buy One Forest Saw at the Market
2) Cut More Wood (50 times)

Hint: Watch out for bears!


Keep the Land Clear
Earns 50 XP and 100 Coins for Friends

1) Clear 25 Grass
2) Buy One Goat

Hint: Clearing the grass makes room for more wildflowers.


Make An Orchard
Earns 50 XP, 25 Food, and Apple Trees for Friends

1) Plant Two Fruit Trees
2) Have Six Fruit Trees

Hint: Fruit trees are bought at the market; some can be sent as gifts.

--- You should start seeing the following after completing the Get Married goals---
FrontierVille Just Got Married
Do Family Chores
Earns ??? PENDING

1) Have Your Spouse Chop Down Five Trees
2) Have Your Spouse Feed 20 Chickens
3) Have Your Spouse Harvest 50 Wheat

Hint: To pick who will do the work, just click the avatar.
Tip: You can tell an avatar has been selected if it has a little silver star floating above its head.


Time For Breakfast

Earns 50 XP and Food Bonus for Friends

1) Buy a Breakfast Meal
TIP: Buying it requires 6 Neighbors (or 5 Horseshoes for early unlock), gives you 7 Energy, and costs you 80 Food.

2) Harvest 12 Crops

Hint: To get more energy, you can buy meals at the market. To harvest crops, ya might have to plant some first.


FrontierVille Scare BearScare Bears
Earns 65 XP and XP for Friends

1) Scare 6 Bears

Hint: Bears live in the forest, especially near really big trees. Don't cut 'em all down.

--- be continued.

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