FrontierVille Cheats & Tips: Goals Mastery Guide

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Hey there, homesteader! If you're a FrontierVille fan, you're going to need this guide.


Well, one of the surprising things about FrontierVille is that it's got no place for players to see or display their achievements. Most games supply a way for players to proudly display, and keep track of, in-game milestones. These could come in the form of ribbons (FarmVille), medals (Happy Aquarium), statues (Pet Society), etc.

Without this future knowledge, you can't anticipate tasks, so you can't plan ahead to make sure you've got everything you need.

In FrontierVille, achievements are called "Goals", and they seem to appear and disappear like the wind. Sometimes, there can be as many as three goals at once. Sometimes, until you clear one goal, you can't see what the next one may be. Some goals can only be completed through sheer chance. Another annoyance is that you could complete a task, but be forced into a do-over, just because you did it before the goal showed up and told you to!

There are probably over a hundred tasks in the game at this point, divided into about 30 main goals. And now, we've made it our mission to report every one.