FarmVille Apple Application: In Review

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Mobile farming was once a dream, made true this past week. The FarmVille App that debuted (for iPhone, iPod touch) was announced at the 2010 WWDC by Zynga Founder and CEO, Mark Pincus, along with the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. Little information was given at the time other than talk of exclusive items for Apple device users and a potential release date near the one-year birthday of FarmVille.

Farming is not exactly the same while using the App, most noticeably, there are no avatars. This may help the application run at a quicker pace, among other things. There is also ever-so-handy option to have push notifications for harvest time and free gifts.

As with playing FarmVille on a computer, you can gift neighbors, buy items from the market, decorate, have lost animals wander onto your farm, and share bonuses via Facebook. When tapping on or choosing an item you have three options: put in storage, sell, and move. Selling or storing items can be done through simple clicks; moving an item can be done by dragging and dropping (players have reported lag and difficulty when moving items).

All exclusive items -- Snow Leopard, Rainbow Apple Tree, and White Apple Tree -- are available for coins or as a gift, which is quite a treat along with the free download of the application. A Free Fuel Giveaway is now available, giving 1/5 of a tank each day for logging on the App.

There is also an option for Apple mobile device users to purchase $FV through the iTunes store. The exchange rate of real money to $FV is the same although these users now have the option to purchase FarmVille Cash through iTunes, or to buy/use iTunes gift cards instead of purchasing through Zynga or Facebook Credits.

The most noticeable difference of the application is how one plows, plants, and harvest. The feature that has true potential for topping gameplay on a computer is that one can click and drag across plots to quickly plow, plant, and harvest (if using vehicles). As shown during the announcement demonstration, check out the video here.

Farming may be twice as fast with this major boost but of course the App has some major draw backs.

As usual (with new features and functions) there are some bugs in the FarmVille App; many users have reported error messages stating "There seems to be an issue loading your farm" while others who are able to load the app are reporting that it crashes frequently. The fact that FarmVille Co-ops, Collections, Farmer's Market, and Storage Expansion are not available via mobile device, making them exclusive to computer game play, is a major drawback.

Hopefully Zynga will be updating the app soon, so farmers have more well-rounded and smoother experience.

Farming on an Apple device is not cheap with the iPod Touch starting at $199 USD and the iPhone4 at $199 USD. The iPhone 3gs has been reduced to $99 becoming the most affordable option now.

If you have used the app, what are your thoughts? If not, will you go out of your way to gain access to it?

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