Domestic Divas Don't Clean

Lisa Quinn is more than just an author, she's an interior designer, television host, wife, mother and a self-proclaimed fraud. The fraud moniker stems from the fact that she was advising folks on how to keep a perfectly clean and neat home, kind of like a Martha Stewart clone, but wasn't practicing what she was preaching.

"For the first 10 years I was on television I was identified as a home and garden expert and then that morphed into me being an organizational person, but I would get home and be completely unorganized," Quinn said. "So it kind of dawned on me, over a period of months, I was a huge fraud, I could barely get dinner on the table every night."

And so ... the idea for her book "Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets: Your Ultimate Guide to Domestic Liberation," was born.
In her new book, she takes a comedic look at that unrealistic notion that everyone must keep a perfectly clean, tidy house at all times. (Yes, the same idea she endorsed on every one of her television appearances.) The tips and tools that she outlines are actually perfect for anyone, and especially useful to apartment dwellers and folks who live in small spaces.

The section titles within the book say it all, like "The Lackadaisical Lifestyle," "The Half-Assed Hostess," "Slacker Chic," and "Not-so-Good Housekeeping (Get Out of Your Own Way)." Within these chapters is an area titled "Less Is More," where Quinn says the best advice for small spaces is contained.

"People just have too much stuff around. I once walked into an apartment and they had three food processors on the kitchen counter," she says. A big mistake, especially for small spaces. Buy one quality piece that acts as a multi-tasker and same goes with sets of knives. She says they're unnecessary, purchase one knife that can handle several cutting jobs, but buy high-end, one that will last, rather than an entire expensive set. These are easy ways to remove clutter in the kitchen, especially on the much-needed counter space.

The cleaning section of the book is also great for everyone who needs to prep their space for unexpected company. The dust is something that can be overlooked if it's not out of control and vacuuming only high-traffic floor areas is fine, too. The bathroom, though, must be spotless and it's a snap to do with a quick swipe of the now readily available disinfecting wipes that can be used throughout the house. "I keep tubs of them everywhere for easy clean-ups," Quinn admits.

And for a quick freshening up, she advises spritzing a few sprays of a non-toxic cleaner right around the front door to create the illusion that the space is more clean than it actually is.

Thanks to her interior design background, Quinn offers great pointers in '"Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets" on how to make small spaces look larger. For instance, she advises buying furniture that's scaled to the size of the room, using glass coffee and end tables to give the illusion of space, to make sure sofas and chairs have small legs, and to keep pieces in the same color tone as walls.

And most of all, make the space personal and true to the person living in it. As Quinn says "I follow the words of Oprah Winfrey who said she always wanted to be like Barbara Walters and finally admitted that was not going to happen."

To learn more about Lisa Quinn and her other books visit her website.
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