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Summer picnic. What's hot on rented spacesWe started the week with the Summer Solstice, and the blogosphere reacted like a kid on the last day of school! From picnics to kitty cabanas, see what the summer buzz was all about on RentedSpaces this week.

Life's a Picnic in the Summertime
In many parts of the country, it's too hot to cook -- or even to be inside! But don't let that stop you from pulling together a party. All you need are some cool food, cool friends, and a shady spot outside. Read more.

Outdoor Space For Your Pets: Build Your Own 'Catio'
If your little Whiskers is jonesing for some outdoor time, consider setting him up with his own space. The latest trend is the "catio", which keeps your kitty safe while letting him bask in the fresh air and sunshine.Read more.

Housing Blues Makes Renting Red Hot
One after-effect of the recent mortgage crisis? More homeowners are looking to get out of a monthly mortgage and into a monthly rent payment. Lock in your lease -- it may be a landlord's market soon. Read more.

Cool Wine Racks That Don't Press for Space
Unless you can drink it as fast as you collect it (hey, no judgment here), you're going to need a snazzy way to store and display your wine collection. Check our roundup of stylish, space-savvy options. Read more.

Apartment Design Blogs: Letting Summer Sink In
In case your sweaty brow and skin-searing car seats didn't already clue you in, it's summertime! See what fresh, summery ideas were floating around the web this week to keep you -- and your apartment -- looking and feeling cool. Read more.

Apartment Guru: Move Over, Dad's Moving In
The Apartment Guru helps one devoted daughter make space for a temporarily displaced dad. With a few simple touches for comfort and privacy, it just might be possible to coexist with a parent in a small space. Read more.
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