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Real estate professionals, rejoice! Housing Watch readers really wanted to find out what you wish they knew about your job. See what else readers were interested in this week:

1. What Real Estate Agents Wish You Knew About Their Job
Take a peek behind the curtain to see what it's really like to be a Realtor -- there's a lot more to it than just handing over a set of keys for a tidy 6% commission. Like dealing with "liars" and "yellers". Read more.

2. D.C. Nationals Baseball: Live Near Stadium and See Strasburg Pitch, $649K
A D.C. developer is rolling out a complex of "mixed-income" housing within home-run distance of the capital's Nationals Park. Put down a deposit now for a chance to walk to next year's season opener. Read more.

3. Lenders Chase Borrowers for Money Lost in Foreclosures
Foreclosure isn't necessarily the end of a distressed homeowner's nightmare: lenders in some states have the right to seek compensation from borrowers even after their property has gone into foreclosure. Read more.

4. Existing Home Sales Drop, Despite Incentive
The latest figures show that sales of existing homes were down in May, though a closer look shows that the metrics for existing and new home sales aren't exactly apples to apples. So what's the deal? Read more.

5. New Mortgage Rules: Battle Looms in Congress
In light of all the recent mortgage mess, Congress is (as expected) working to tighten up laws regulating lenders, while the lending lobby (as expected) is trying to take the bite out of the new laws. What can we expect? Read more.

6. Home Tax Credit Expiration to Lead to Second Housing Slump?
Now that the first-time buyer's credit has expired and the resultant buying boom is over, it's time to take a look back and ask: was it worth it? Read more.
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