Treasure Isle releases browser toolbar for easier gameplay

Treasure Isle toolbar
Treasure Isle toolbar

Those of you who play FarmVille might be used to the concept of installing a game toolbar. Now, Zynga have released a browser toolbar for their popular digging game, Treasure Isle.

This new toolbar gives several added benefits. First, it tracks your energy so that you can always see when you're ready to go back and dig more. It also alerts you when your crops have grown and are ready to harvest. The one game bar works for all of your favorite Zynga games, so you can easily switch back and forth across games. And finally, you get 25 free Island Cash simply for installing the toolbar. You will earn 5 Island Cash each day for the first 5 days. Even if you decide to uninstall after the first 5 days, this is still an excellent option to earn 25 free Island Cash.

I personally consider Treasure Isle to be my main game, as its the one I log into every day and I'm relatively high in level (55). This is something that I will definitely install in Firefox so I can keep track of my harvestable fruit.

Will you be installing the Treasure Isle toolbar? What do you think?

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