Sneaky Games launches Vanguard Program for alpha testing

Fantasy Kingdoms
Fantasy Kingdoms

Do you play a lot of Facebook games? Are you interested in finding out about new games before anyone else, and can you keep secrets from your friends while you're playing them? You might consider being an alpha tester for Sneaky Games. Sneaky Games are a new Facebook games developer who has created Strife of Sevens, and their more popular game, Fantasy Kingdoms (shown above). They are looking for people who will test new games and features for them and provide feedback along the way.

Have you ever wanted to play a game BEFORE anyone else could play it? Interested in telling the game developers what you think about it? Do you really want your opinion to be heard? If you do, you should be part of our Vanguard Alpha team!

To sign up for the Vanguard Alpha team, click here and fill out the form on Sneaky Games' website. This could be a great opportunity to have input on the direction of the next big Facebook game.

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