Cafe World: Lightning Super Stove now easier to build

Lightning Super Stove Cafe World
Lightning Super Stove Cafe World

It's a regular occurrence that Zynga ends up "nerfing" their collection/buildables, making them easier over time. They did it with the Cafe WorldSpice Rack, and the Super Stove, after all. Now, the Lightning Super Stove is easier to build and requires less pieces in order to complete.

Previously, the Lightning Super Stove took 10 of each piece, or a total of 40 parts. Now, the Tesla Coil only requires 7 parts, and the Flux Switch only requires 8 parts. For those who aren't math gurus, this brings the total savings down by five. Whether you were planning to collect all of the parts or by them with Cafe Cash outright, it helps that Zynga have given us a break on the requirements. Perhaps something new to build is coming soon? What could it be?

The Lightning Super Stove makes all of your cooking 10% faster, plus it removes the need to do any ingredient sub-steps, therefore making cooking a quicker and more enjoyable experience.