Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain: Everything you need to know

Treasure Isle's Fire God Mountain has brought a whole new style and element of gameplay to everyone's favorite treasure game - mystery, tactics, competition, and suspense. It's a bit more complex than the rest of the game; once you enter the volcano the entire game changes. Even the interface changes to a dark shade of black and becomes more threatening and ominous. We're sure you have questions, so - The Blog has your answers in this definitive Fire God Mountain guide. Let's begin.

What is the Fire God Mountain?

Fire God Mountain is a special set of maps that are in a scary volcano surrounded by lava, imps, and other exciting surprises. When you're in the volcano, the entire game changes. Instead of trying to clear the whole map in search of all of the treasure - each map has only ONE treasure. The objective is to find the treasure in the least amount of digs possible. Using the hot and cold mechanism is the way to know if you're close to the treasure. A leaderboard tracks your progression compared to your friends, and you get more coins if you find the treasure early. Once you have found the treasure, you progress to the next map. There are 14 levels of the volcano, each one deeper than the next.