Treasure Isle animals no longer grant coins for petting


With all of the latest updates to Treasure Isle, including the release of the highly anticipated Fire God Mountain, a stealth change was deployed to the popular treasure game. A few short weeks ago, Treasure Isle made all animals pettable or interactable in exchange for coins. While a few players were thankful for another opportunity to earn coins in Treasure Isle, most players were overwhelmingly upset with the feature. According to a poll on the official forums, over 77% of voters hated the new feature because they felt it was cluttered and messy. For those who had many animals, having each harvestable animal donned with a big exclamation point was quite the eyesore.

Everyone can rejoice now, because this feature has been removed. Animals are no longer interactable for coins, and that makes me one happy player. Fire God Mountain gives out 10,000 coins per successful run, and that's just as much coin as I need to keep trucking through the maps.

Are you happy or upset about this new change? Let us know in the comments.