Squelch that vuvuzela sound? There's an app for that

Tired of that annoying buzz during the World Cup games? Well, there's an app to get rid of that.

The vuvuzela, a traditional South African horn is hated by many for drowning out commentators and song. But because nature so abhors a vacuum (and most likely vuvuzelas as well), a fix was quickly developed. The Devuvuzelator is a new computer program available for download that silences the buzzing noises, allowing you to watch the games in peace. The app was developed by Jeff Bargmann in collaboration with the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London. Ta, mates.

Because commentaries are generally louder than the buzzing of the vuvuzelas, the Devuvuzelator is able to silence the particular background noise without disrupting the other sound components during the games.

You like the droning, ever-present sound of a chorus of vuvuzelas? For die-hard vuvuzela fans, Vuvuzela Time will add the noise to any website. Also, when you're watching the games online, the program allows you to increase the sound of the vuvuzela to your preference.

YouTube recently added a vuvuzela sound option to some of its videos. Check out our video below to see what New Yorkers -- who by all accounts are hard to annoy -- think of the vuvuzela.