Skin Authority CEO offers budget tips for beauty and self-esteem

Celeste Hilling
Celeste Hilling

Celeste Hilling, CEO and founder of Skin Authority, had a record-breaking year in 2009 -- despite the economic downturn. "People are trading down from other more expensive procedures and they're wanting to look and feel as good as possible," says Hilling, a beauty, self-esteem and wellness expert. "For about $1.50 a day, or about the price of a cup of coffee, it's attainable."

Here's how to invest in yourself - at any stage (and perhaps make a profit as well):

In Your 20s
At this age, when you're running around with your friends, going out a lot, partying, and likely living with a roommate or two, keep your skin care routine simple, a basic wash and protect (daily sun protection -- rain or shine) says Hilling. "Just don't fall asleep with your makeup on!" Also, get a workout in every now and then, and watch the diet.

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