Mafia Wars Las Vegas Loot Event preps us for a Sin City takeover

mafia wars las vegas loot event

UPDATED (6/25): List of items added and some images.

Mafia Wars Las Vegas expansion is still coming soon, but it looks like the game's going to prep everyone for a big Sin City takeover. The just-launched Las Vegas Loot Event works like this: Seven new loot items will drop when performing jobs or winning fights, and once they've all been collected, you'll be rewarded with the Jackpot -- a gun with 30 Attack and 54 Defense. The event will send in five days, though -- have to admit -- I'm not in any hurry to finish just to get a gun with such middling stats. Then again, if finishing this is a requirement to get into Viva Las Vegas, guess it won't hurt to do my due diligence.

UPDATE (6/29) I made a few corrections to the list of items, added how to get them and a few other tidbits.

The items are as follows: (Thanks, Lube and LBryant!)

Big Blind (Gun, Fighting loot)
52 Attack 25 Defense

Suit of Suits (Jacket, Job loot)
46 Attack 24 Defense

Viva Las Vegas (Guitar, Job loot)
27 Attack 50 Defense

Casino Guard (Bodyguard, Fighting loot)
48 Attack 28 Defense

High Roller (Truck, Job loot)
46 Attack 23 Defense

Stage Show Tiger (Animal, Fighting loot)
28 Attack 50 Defense

Royal Flush (Gun, Job loot)
48 Attack, 25 Defense

Find all of these 7 items and you'll receive:

30 Attack 54 Defense

So far, most of these items have dropped while doing jobs in Cuba and New York. The loot was easy to come by at first, but it has grown more difficult over the past few days. I've now taken to finding the rest by fighting and doing the Mugging job (which only require 2 Energy) in New York.

Do you have any additional tips to finding all of the Loot items, or just looking to trade items with other people? Leave a note in the comments below.
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