FrontierVille: How do I make walkways and paths?

frontierville path
Among our readers, there has been a great deal of confusion on how to create walkways and paths in FrontierVille. We remain equally confused, as the above image continually teases us when we load up the game. How do we create paths like the one seen above? So far we haven't been able to figure it out, but we hope the feature is released in a future update.

Having paths around our land would be a big step towards looking like a real frontier town. Paths show people have traveled the same trail many times and also show the wilderness has been beaten back by civilization, not to mention they look rather nice.

Personally, I think the FrontierVille farm pictured above is one of the most beautiful around. It's quaint, supple and homey, and I think it owes a large part of that to its walkway leading to the front door. Just imagine if they had filled the rest of the yard with sunflowers; now that would really be something. In fact, it would probably look similar to the cottage from Everything is Illuminated (below).
frontierville paths
Nonetheless, although it may seem like a small detail, I know many of our readers are hoping walkways, paths and even larger roads are incorporated into FrontierVille.

Check back here for all the latest FrontierVille news; you can be sure I'll announce when path making becomes available.

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