FrontierVille flowers, eggplant and roads coming soon?

frontierville coming soon
FrontierVille has been out for a number of weeks now and many of us have already loaded up he game countless times. To us, the FrontierVille loading screens have become so familiar that we no longer really look at them, letting our investigative minds idly gloss over the images. However, the FrontierVille loading screens are full of things to look at, including items not yet available to us players. So we sat down and were able to both investigate and deduce potential items and features that are sure to be coming soon to FrontierVille.

Continue reading to check out what we found.

  • Eggplant harvestable crop
  • Flowerbed (at top)
  • Flowerpots (at top right)
  • Large Flowerbed (at top right, behind white flowers)
  • Wooden Bench (at bottom, below inn)
  • Thin Dirt Path
  • Picnic Table (at top)

frontierville coming soon
  • Wide Dirt Path
  • Perhaps the Oregon Trail unreleased mission

FrontierVille coming soon
  • Picnic Basket and Blanket
  • Flowerpots
  • Flowerbed (against cabin)
  • Birdhouse (at bottom, in the grass)
  • Thin Dirt Path

frontierville coming soon
  • Eggpland harvestable crop (at bottom)

Of most interest to us was the unreleased harvestable crop: Eggplant. I'm a huge fan of eggplant parm, and I'm very excited to bring that tasty treat to the wild west.

Also of major interest were the dirt paths both wide and thin. Previously written about in a separate post, our readers have been wondering how to construct such walkways and paths. The truth is, it's just not possible at the moment, yet it clearly exists within the game. The same goes for the rest of the unavailable items seen in the loading screen, and we expect them all to be released eventually.

Did we miss anything? What clues have you spotted around FrontierVille, hinting at items coming soon?
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