FrontierVille goals: Eight more achievements added to your to-do list

frontierville new goals
frontierville new goals

FrontierVille added new goals in the past few updates -- the newest one involves the school building and most of them seem to revolve around chickens.

Here's a complete list of new goals and what's required for each:

Get Ready for Schoolmarm - buy one more wagon and collect 7 daily bonuses from school building

Hunt animals: Groundhogs, Snakes or Bears

Teach hunting: Child has to clobber 4 snakes, scare 7 bears and clobber 21 Groundhogs

Chicken Business I: Buy 35 chickens and sell 35 adult chickens

Chicken Business II: Buy 35 more chickens and 8 Barbed Wire Fences

Chicken Tender I:Feed 150 chickens Collect 5 chicken breasts Collect 5 corn fritters

Chicken tender II: Buy and build chicken coop

If you have images of the screens for these Goals, please send them to, and I'll feature them (and credit you) here!

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