Dallas Real Estate Parody Website Dishes on Good and Bad Realtors


Generally you are flying blind when it comes to picking a real estate agent, but Agent Harvest, a free online agent-finder service, and a parody site run by its founder are helping people in the Dallas area find qualified realty agents and letting people vent about bad ones.

Despite being a parody, the truth in ReallyRottenRealty.com's humor is the main reason the site has gained attention.

And there are some statistics, as well, on both of the sites, including the following from RRR, which gives "Real World Examples of the Rotten." The stats here have some teeth.

"The Never-Ending Sale" is a real house with the most cumulative days on the market currently for sale, which is -- as of May 2010 -- 2,778 days. That's seven-and-a-half years!