Dallas Real Estate Parody Website Dishes on Good and Bad Realtors

Generally you are flying blind when it comes to picking a real estate agent, but Agent Harvest, a free online agent-finder service, and a parody site run by its founder are helping people in the Dallas area find qualified realty agents and letting people vent about bad ones.

Despite being a parody, the truth in ReallyRottenRealty.com's humor is the main reason the site has gained attention.

And there are some statistics, as well, on both of the sites, including the following from RRR, which gives "Real World Examples of the Rotten." The stats here have some teeth.

"The Never-Ending Sale" is a real house with the most cumulative days on the market currently for sale, which is -- as of May 2010 -- 2,778 days. That's seven-and-a-half years!
The site was created by Bill Petrey, his Agent Harvest site is a free one designed to help property buyers and sellers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area find top-producing real estate agents. With frustrations running high in the housing market because of the economy, the issue of inept agents -- which is an ongoing problem -- tends to fall by the wayside.

Agent Harvest tells its readers in a handy article -- one of many on the site that educate on different aspects of buying and selling a home -- that according to a "2009 Profile of Texas Homebuyers and Sellers," eight out of 10 sellers said they would not use the same agent again to sell their home.

With stats like these, it's no wonder that Petrey is planning to take the site to more cities in Texas and eventually other states. That said, the stats don't break down the reasons why people said this in such great numbers.

Joseph, a resident of Beverly Hills who has never bought real estate before, said the site sounded like something he would use. "I would be curious to see who the top sellers are -- and how my real estate agent is compared to others."'

Melita has bought properties in Austin, Texas and upon hearing about Petrey's site asked, "is it statewide? My agent, I found through word of mouth, and he was great. But how am I supposed to know if he is good for another area?"

Other sites rank agents, like IncredibleAgents.com and AgentMachine.com helping you find top pre-screened agents, but they don't offer the information and hints that Petrey does, nor do they offer pros and cons. In some cases, these websites don't explain exactly how they come to anoint someone as a 'Top Agent.'

Agent Harvest helps people find an agent by looking at agents' selling histories. For example, if the buyer is looking for a house in a certain neighborhood, only agents that have recently sold in that area are referred. Isn't that the kind of agent you are looking for, one that get's it done where you are looking?

Sister site ReallyRottenRealty.com has a fake Q&A section for sellers, telling them: "We can worry about realistic pricing after you are stuck with us. We have the whole contract period to get you to lower the price to a realistic amount. But hey, it's fun to dream isn't it? And we cater to dreamers." And while its questions and answers are fake, they aren't so different from what many face.

Agent Harvest, meanwhile, offers many articles on aspects of real estate: from what to ask your potential agent to what top agents do that set them apart. Their useful information, agent referrals and venting space make the two sites a great combination. And if you sell your house through an Agent Harvest-referred agent, you can get money back at your closing.

There are other sites that can help you find buyers before you list, search for properties or negotiate prices. But sites that help you find the best real estate agent for your needs are a help right at the start of the home buying or selling process -- before you get to that other stuff.

Anything that helps you get a jump in real estate is a good tool, and knowing more about your agent is a great way to ensure that you find the best person to help you. Plus, a little humor never hurt.


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