Copy these teacher gifts with finds from the dollar store

The end of the school year is again in sight and you may be wondering, yet again, what to get your child's teacher in appreciation of their efforts throughout the school year. Today's Parenthas a list of 15 different gift ideas for teachers, that are worth checking out. Some of them can be copied successfully with items from the dollar store, which is good news if you have more than one child in school.

Art supplies -- Crayons, kid scissors, glue sticks - these are all necessary supplies for a classroom that teachers often pay for out of their own wallets. You can buy them in bulk on Dollar Tree Direct, but I'm sure they have these supplies in-store, as well. Where I live, the dollar store also has good quality tempura paints and nine paint brushes in assorted sizes for $1 per package or 8-oz. bottle of paint. If you can find one, a handled caddy would make a great place to pack your finds for gift-giving to make a present any primary teacher will appreciate.

Books for the classroom - They may not be by famous authors but you can pick up a dozen books at a dollar store for the cost of one or two at Barnes & Nobles. My local dollar store has stories that feature Disney characters and colorful story books that would appeal to the little ones in Mrs. Jone's Grade One class. Then, pack your selections in a reusable tote, rather than the usual gift bag. If you buy ten books and a tote bag, you've still only spent $11.

Chocolate -- If your favorite teacher is known to have a sweet tooth, chocolates are always a nice idea. Still, you don't have to go with the usual box of chocolates. Make a fun gift for your child's teacher by wrapping four or five chocolate bars in ribbon and "planting" them in a small colorful flower pot. That way, she'll also have a remembrance to keep and use when the candy is gone.

Classroom decor -- This is another area where teachers spend from their own pockets. Dollar Tree has a lot of classroom decor. Classroom wall borders come in packs of 14 for a buck. Add some motivational or reward stickers, student certificates, or whatever else you can find for classroom use. Your child's teacher will thank you.

Thank-you note -- As Today's Parent notes, nothing is more meaningful to teachers than to be told how they have made a difference in the lives of the children in their care, and that their efforts are appreciated. So give Mr. Scott a heart-felt "thank-you" in the form of a personal hand-written note from you and your child. If your child is of an age to write the note in his or her own words, it will mean even more.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes tips and ideas for home decorating using only items from the dollar store.


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