Cafe World's No Spoil Genie: Pay big bucks for spoil-free cooking

FarmVille just re-released it's Un-Wither Ring and now Cafe World seems to be following along by releasing the No Spoil Genie, which ensures that your dishes will never spoil. However, this thing is a serious investment, and I've made the argument before, that items like this kinda ruins the whole point of playing these games. Then again, not having dishes spoil ever IS pretty tempting...

One thing that's nice about the No Spoil Genie -- if you want to use it, you just place it in your cafe. However, if you want to remove the no-spoil effect, you can drag it out of your cafe and into storage, and -- voila -- everything's back to normal. Though I'm sure once you have one of these things, you'll never choose to have spoiled dishes. Amirite?

What do you think -- do items like the Un-Wither Ring in FarmVille and No Spoil Genie in Cafe World ruin the game?