Wild Ones premium membership now on sale

Wild Ones subscription sale
Wild Ones subscription sale

This month, Wild Ones debuted a monumental feature in Facebook games - the optional monthly membership cost. Having a premium subscription is new territory for Facebook games, so we're sure there is a lot of knowledge that is still being learned about the viability of that type of business model in these casual games. Playdom were brave by breaking new ground, but now they're doing some tuning to get the pricing right.

Currently, you can obtain a premium monthly membership to Wild Ones for only $4.80 a month. This is 50% off of the debut cost, which is a fantastic discount. Perhaps the Wild One subscription isn't selling well? Or maybe it is, and Playdom want to entice even more people to partake in the benefits of being a premium member? Whatever the reason may be, this is a good opportunity to check out the Wild Ones subscription at a cheaper cost. It's unclear if this will be a limited time deal, or the new permanent price.

Have you become a Wild Ones premium member yet? Do you think this new cost is more reasonable?

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