Treasure Isle: Fire God Mountain takes players to the Center of the Earth

Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain is open
Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain is open

The anticipation for the newest, hottest map of Treasure Isle has been so intense, there's even an official Facebook fanpage of 64,000+ members -- the Treasure Isle's Volcano Diggers Anonymous -- devoted to it. But today, the wait for Fire God Mountain is finally over!

To reach Fire God Mountain, you need to travel to the first page of Tiki Isles, where you'll spot a burning, animated volcano in the north. To get in, you're going to need 5 tubes of SPF-3000. To note, you'll start with 6 tubes for free, but it won't be enough on the long dig down, so you've gotta use Wall posts (those tubes aren't giftable) to request more from fellow players.