Social City flashes back for one week only

Social City flashback sale
This week in Social City is a special one, because for just this week only, there will be old limited time buildings making short appearances again. This is the perfect chance to purchase something that you might have missed while it was on sale, so for that - it's a great solution to that issue.

It's not the optimal situation however, as it has several flaws. Firstly, these items are only available for 3 hours at a time. This means that there is a very good chance you'll miss the item you want a second time. Coming back every 3 hours just to check and see what building is now available? That's probably only for the hardcore Social City lovers. In addition, these items all cost City Bucks, so they will definitely cost your wallet a bit of cash. We think this is a neat idea though, but it would definitely be nice if each building held around longer than 3 hours each.
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