New FarmVille Loading Screen: Japanese Garden Items Are Here!

FarmVille Japanese Garden items
FarmVille Japanese Garden items

FarmVille adds new loading screens from time to time as teasers for items or functions coming as well as show casing new items available in limited edition themes. A new loading screen last night features several items yet to be released in the most recent LE Japanese Garden theme on FarmVille.

Some FarmVille Freaks, shannon97405, DarkFarmer, Nugget, El_Zacatecas and Ctrtle74 gave these as their best guesses at what the unreleased items are!

  • Crane

  • Dragon Decoration

  • Japanese Deer– Sika Deer?

  • Japanese Maple - Acer Palmatum?

  • New Water Rock Decoration - Zen Garden 3

Which if these items are you most excited to have on your farm?

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