Home TV Week in Review

You want home improvement TV show updates? Well, we got them.

This week we bring you updates on recent episodes of "Tough as Nails," "My First Place," "Designed to Sell," "Holmes on Homes," and more.

Here's what you missed....
"My First Place"(HGTV Tuesdays 8/7c)
A young Army vet wants to set up home in the hippest part of Chicago. Guess what? It has to fit into his budget. He has a modern day conundrum: one place is larger and one place is in a better location. Conflict arises when a competing offer comes in for the larger of the two places. Which will be this Army vet's first place?

"Tough as Nails
(HGTV Wednesdays 11:30p/10:30c )
Did we mention that Boston luxury-home builder, Cindy Stumpo, is also tough as nails? She's pushing her team to finish the all-custom home on B-Road -- Cindy Stumpo-style! This has been an eleven-week venture so tempers flair and fights break out. (Doesn't that happen on every episode?) Guess what? Cindy manages to keep the crew on schedule. Hurrah!

"Holmes on Homes"(HGTV Sundays 9/8c)
There's an eroding brick wall! It gets worse. Holmes steps into a home to find the homeowners are literally drowning in their own possessions. There's so much damn junk that the "Holmes on Homes" team can't even do their needed work. Time for a
cleanup intervention.

"Designed to Sell"(HGTV Weeknights 6/5c)
Green changes are afoot. And when we say that we meet eco-friendly. In Chicago, host Monica Pedersen gives an urban loft a green makeover so it will appeal to eco-friendly buyers. Yes, help the environment and sell that home!

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