FrontierVille invaded by a new breed of varmint. Hint: they're foxy

frontierville foxes

UPDATE (6/25): Foxes appear while feeding animals. And they're rabid! Also added pictures of the fox below.

Looks like there's a new varmint on the loose in FrontierVille that will need to be scared, clobbered or worse -- a fox.

I haven't spotted one of these sly canines prowling around my property yet, but it was hard to miss the new Fox Collection that popped up into the game today. A notification at the top of the game also says that there are new "varmints,' so after putting two and two together and, well, I expect a fox to show up at any point now. Me and my spouse be waiting, Mr. Fox.

Frontierville fox larryfrontierville fox from larry

Thanks to Larry for these pics of the fox in action!

Have you seen a fox yet?
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