FarmVille on iPad: Doesn't look great, but beats playing it on iPhone

iphone vs ipad
iphone vs ipad

After playing FarmVille on iPhone, I couldn't resist booting up the iPad and give the app a whirl. The verdict? The graphics look fuzzy (as expected since they're blown up twice the size of what they are on iPhone), but other than that, it's a better overall experience. Why? Simply because the iPad touch screen is bigger. It's easier to move around your farm as well as harvest trees and animals smooshed together in an effort to make more room for crops. Since the iPad runs slightly faster than the iPhone 3GS, the entire game is smoother and the loading times are cut down significantly.

I asked a Zynga rep if an iPad-ready version of FarmVille is on the way, and was told that "that can not be confirmed at this time." That, of course, leads me to believe that one is in the works, and it's only a matter of time until we'll all be finger farming with crystal clear graphics on the iPhone's bigger brother.

FarmVille can be downloaded from the App Store, just go here. You can also download the game directly on your iPhone/iPod or iPad by going to the App Store App, searching for 'FarmVille' and then downloading the game for free.