FarmVille iPhone, iPod app includes exclusive Snow Leopard, Apple trees


The Apple device FarmVille App has just gone live! You can download it for free on iTunes or directly on your ipod Touch or iPhone. There are now exclusive Apple items in the Market while in the FarmVille App:

To purchase:

FarmVille Snow Leopard Rainbow Apple Tree

Rainbow Apple Tree- Cost: 500 coins, Harvest Time: 3 Days, Xp: 5

Snow Leopard-Cost: 50,000 coins, Harvest Time: 2 Days, Xp: 500

Giftable, White Apple Tree:

FarmVille White Apple Tree

At this time we do not know if FarmVille players that are NOT using the Apple FarmVille App can accept this gift.

Farmville Freak Jeremy V's Snow Leopard and Rainbow Apple Tree

Have you downloaded the new FarmVille App? What do you think of farming on a mobile device?

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