Andrew Lloyd Webber Selling His Piece of Trump Tower

Broadway composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is packing up and leaving New York. At least Donald Trump's piece of New York.

Lloyd Webber is selling his Trump Tower apartment for $19 million. The news comes via the U.K.'s Telegraph, where the knighted composer netted plenty of attention recently with the London opening of his latest show, "Love Never Dies," which is a sequel to "Phantom of the Opera." (Although "Phantom" does not really need a sequel, since it's still running at Manhattan's Majestic Theatre on West 44th Street.)

If Lloyd Webber is as successful in this real estate transaction as he's been in theatre, then Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber will be saying goodbye to a stunning view of Central Park, among other pleasures.

But what exactly does $19 million buy these days?The view from the apartment ofAndrew Lloyd WebberTo begin with, the place has 5,300 square feet.

"The residence offers such significant square footage, which is rare for a condominium in New York," according to Kathleen Coumou, vice-president of Christie's Great Estates. Yes, in the U.S. real estate market, $19 million might just sound insane, but in New York, where space remains a premium even in the nicest places, the Lloyd Webber duplex is arguably priced to sell.

Still, this is a big-deal apartment, even in the world of Trump. CityRealty reported that three-bedroom apartments in the building, as of last May, started at $5.9 million. For their part, the Lloyd Webbers have on their lower level no less than "four sleeping quarters," including a master bedroom with "enthralling three-directional views."

Lady Madeline Lloyd Webber was quoted in the Telegraph as saying that her friends were "always in awe at our view." She also told the paper that "the location is fantastic, and the building is very well run with a brilliantly-trained and helpful staff."

The real estate listing promises an apartment with "breathtaking vistas of Central Park from almost every room, as well as southern and western views that stretch as far as the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River." There's plenty of space for both living and entertaining.

Guests will know where they are as soon as they get to the front door. Trump Tower is a structure that became emblematic of the 1980s. Arguably, Trump Tower is the building that most helped turn Trump into Trump -- a real celebration of The Donald, where he holds forth on "Apprentice" to this day.

It's more than an NBC backdrop, though. It's also a full-service condo with all the advantages of upscale NYC living: doorman, gym, concierge service. And it's not too far a walk to see "Phantom of the Opera."

Critics did not necessarily love "Love," which is expected to make it to Broadway sooner or later. This spring there was plenty of snarky chatter on both sides of the Atlantic about when and whether the show would open on Broadway. With at least two daily papers reporting the production's arrival has been delayed, maybe Lloyd Webber is in less need of immediate New York City digs. The Telegraph says simply: "It is not known whether the Lloyd Webbers plan to remain in New York."

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