Newlyweds get back $3,600 in lost wedding cash

A Pennsylvania man returned $3,600 to a newlywed couple that lost the cash-stuffed envelope sometime after leaving their wedding reception.

When newlyweds David and Ashley Marasco of Bridgeville, Pa., left their wedding reception Sunday they put the cash in their wedding album and drove off -- with the album on top of their car. By the time another motorist pointed the album out to the couple, the envelope had already dropped out.

Enter Brennan Breene, who spotted the envelope full of money in the middle of the road. He tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he would have rather kept the $3,600, but when he saw a news report Monday on the missing money, knew he had to turn it in.

"We really didn't think anyone would turn it in. We had hoped, but we both kind of just chalked it up there as a loss," Ashley Marasco told WPXI-TV. The newlyweds met Breene Monday to thank him for returning the money.

"It's a testimony to my mom and dad. They raised me right," Breene said to WPXI.