MTV Teaches You How to Get 'Hired'

mtv hiredFirst off, I have to say that I am not a big fan of reality shows, which usually are not anywhere close to being "real." And, I am not exactly the right demographic for any kind of show on MTV. But, MTV debuted a new reality show this month called "Hired!" that is as slickly produced as any reality show, but actually has some really good lessons to pass on to recent college grads about how to get hired.

The series debuted on June 2 with a look at a group of 20-somethings vying for a job as a design assistant with shoe designer and manufacturer Steve Madden, Ltd. in New York.

Each of the episodes (five have aired so far), follow the same story arc of profiling a company and describing the job opening and what it pays, taking a group of applicants through a pre-interview recruiting session, showing each of the semi-finalists interview for the job, and finally the three top candidates going for a final interview before one is hired.

Along the way, the recruiter and the main interviewers discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate's interviewing skills and why they ultimately chose the person who got hired. A common theme running through each of episode is what makes the winning candidates stand out. Here are some tips:

Be prepared and know the company

The first people to get sifted out of the interview process are always the ones who are completely unprepared.

In the Steve Madden episode, one candidate knows nothing about women's shoe design and even less about Madden's company. His interview wraps up quickly and he is eliminated. On the other hand, one of the candidates who makes it to the final three not only knows everything about the company but also took the time to find out that Steve Madden graduated from the same college she did. That made quite an impression in the interview.

Show what you can do

Another theme that runs through the episodes is candidates who show they have experience they can bring to the job right away. Whether it is through internships or previous jobs, those who got hired already had skills and proved it to the interviewers. In another episode, candidates were vying for a job as a social media coordinator for a New Age jewelry company called Energy Muse Jewelry in California. The successful interviewers showed the company's owners successful social media campaigns they had already done. One of the finalists also made an impression by making sure she checked out the company's Twitter feed and brought that up in the interview.

Show your passion

What impressed me most about the winning candidates, and obviously also impressed the people doing the hiring, was showing a true passion for the job they were going after. They appeared excited and animated during their interviews. They showed they weren't faking it when they talked about what they knew and what they had done. Hiring managers are really good at being able to tell when someone is faking it. One candidate for the social media job was asked about feng shui, something that was important to the company's owners, and it was obvious she was making stuff up. She didn't make the cut.

Remember that you are selling yourself

The people who got hired did all the right things. They convinced the hiring managers that they knew and cared about the company, were passionate about the work, and had already proven they had the skills the companies were looking for in an employee. The people who did the best job of selling themselves were the ones who got the job.

If you are still looking for a job. I highly recommend checking out this show, either on the air or on the Web. When it comes to reality shows, this one really has something real that could help you land a dream job.

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