Interior Decorating for Men, Made Easy


It's no secret that the apartment of a single guy isn't much to look at.Whether just out of college or several years into the real world, most guys don't even attempt to shake the dorm room look of plain white walls, movie posters, centerfold pullouts, and hand-me-down furniture.

According to interior designer Kibwe Daisy, owner of Kibwe Daisy Designs and creator of the website Design for Men, some guys fall into the old fashioned belief that interior design is for girls."They don't understand the benefit of creating a space that reflects their personal style and an environment that is comfortable for them and their guests," says Daisy.Money plays a part, too." Many guys hold off on investing in furniture and making any adjustments to their apartments until they purchase a home," Daisy explains.

But, as Daisy tells it, interior design for men isn't as complicated as many think.