FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: How to Earn Coins Guide

frontierville how to earn coins
If your FrontierVille frontier town is going to the shining pinnacle of western civilization, you're going to need lots of Coins. Although you need energy to do most everything in the game, Coins are just as crucial in building a successful frontier town in the wild west. Fortunately, we already covered energy and marriage with our FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: Energy Guide and FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: How to Get Married. Today we're here to bring you the FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: How to Earn Coins Guide.

frontierville coinsEarly on, FrontierVille Coins don't play a large role and you may find yourself with an abundance during the first levels. However, it's a smart idea to save up because soon you'll be ready to get married and start decorating or building your town: all requiring thousands of Coins. We warn you, there's no simple way to quickly amass a fortune. Collecting Coins takes time and effort. Nonetheless, our FrontierVille Cheats and Tips series is here to make it a bit easier for you with our coins guide. We take up the questions: How do I earn Coins? How can I get more Coins? or How can I receive free Coins? The answers to all these and more coming up after the break.

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Similar to energy, FrontierVille doesn't let you abuse the Coins system. Though there are no real Coin cheats or hacks allowing you to gain an unfair advantage, there are definitely methods that earn you more coins than others. Here are the various ways to earn Coins in FrontierVille:
Harvesting Crops
Growing and harvesting crops is the most efficient way to earn Coins in FrontierVille. Different crops will cost you different amounts of Coins to plant and will yield different rewards for harvesting. Usually the longer the time it takes a crop to grow, the more coins it will yield. However, if quick growing crops are planted and harvested repeatedly in a timely manner, more money can be earned.

It is important to take into account the amount of energy you have. One crop can be harvested with one point of energy. You don't want to be caught without any energy and lots of ripe crops, or your harvest might whither by the time you recover your energy. Nonetheless, you want to have crops growing pretty consistently since they (along with animals) will be your largest cash flow.

To earn coins quicker, try placing a "Tend This" sign next to your crops for your neighbors. Crops watered by your neighbors grow faster therefore delivering your precious Coins even quicker.
frontierville neighbor help
Using Neighbors
Neighbors are a great resource for getting extra coins. Everyday you can hire two neighbors to help on your farm for 50 Coins apiece. Even better: sometimes neighbors will appear on your land claim willing to help for free. Neighbors will net you Coins by doing work that would have normally cost you precious energy. Sounds like a good deal to us.
frontierville collections
Completing Collections
Harvesting crops, trees, animals, and doing most other actions in FrontierVille will occasionally reward you with collectible items. Once you collect one of each item in the set of five, these collection items can be traded in for rewards which often include Coins. For example, harvest enough tomatoes to collect all five items in the Tomato Collection (pictured above), and you'll receive 300 easy Coins.

Clearing Brush
Doing simple actions like clearing grass, boulders and skulls will also net you some easy bonus coins. Though, clearing brush usually only yields one Coin making it one of the slowest ways of collecting money. Either way, we have to beat the wilderness back out of our frontier town and we're glad we get some extra Coins for doing it.
Tending Animals
Like crops, harvesting or feeding animals will yield you Coins. In FrontierVille, animals are a strong investment since they continually get hungry and continually deliver even more coins. To see a complete list of all the animals and their Coin attributes check out our FrontierVille Cheats & Tips: Animal cheatsheet with all values.
frontierville goals
Completing Goalsfrontierville snake clobbering
Completing the tasks assigned to you in FrontierVille will grant you extra experience, and more importantly: Coins. As pictured above, many tasks and goals will give you handsome rewards for doing menial tasks. For example, decorating my FrontierVille town with a few hay bales earned me an easy 300 Coins. Make sure to do those tasks.

Selling Items
This is a pretty straightforward but often forgotten tip. If you have an item on your farm you don't want or need, sell it! That's easy money just going to waste on your farm. As soon as I completed the goal above, I sold those useless hay bales back for an extra few bucks.

Clobbering Animals
Doing a little clobbering now and then will earn you some serious Coins. Clobbering snakes or scaring bears will earn you a decent reward with each energy point used. However, the final blow will often release a jackpot of goodies (experience and coins) so make sure to beat up on those baddies.

Daily Bonus
When first signing in to FrontierVille, pay attention to the daily bonus. The bonus will often be food or Coins so don't miss this simple way to make money.
frontierville neighbors
Visiting/Helping Neighbors
Finally, never underestimate those neighbors! Not only can you hire them to work on your own farm, but merely visiting them will earn you some money (pictured above). Tending to five things on your neighbors' farms will also get you some coins.

Earning FrontierVille Coins won't be easy, but we hope perhaps our FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: How to earn Coins Guide has helped you or reminded you of all the various ways to pinch pennies. The more effective way to collect Coins in FrontierVille is to get out there and play without forgetting all the ways to earn cash we listed above.

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Did we forget anything? How do you earn Coins in FrontierVille? Share your FrontierVille tips below!

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