CNN Hires Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker for New Show

Eliot SpitzerIt looks like I wasn't the only one who thought Eliot Spitzer needs a strong, opinionated "work wife" to balance him out on television. As expected, CNN just announced it has hired the former governor of New York to star in a new 8 p.m. debate show starting this fall -- and it also announced who his co-host will be: Conservative writer Kathleen Parker.

Unlike the more obvious candidates I put forth in my poll (of whom Sarah Palin was the most popular), Parker is primarily a print journalist with limited television experience. She is, according to CNN, "a self-described 'rational' conservative...known to take a common-sense approach to life." That said, she has stated some controversial opinions, as when she argued that Barack Obama was an ineffective Presidential candidate because he wasn't a "full-blooded American."

While CNN didn't explicitly say the new show will be a successor to Crossfire, the debate show it canceled in 2005, it certainly looks that way. The release describes the yet-to-be-named program as "a spirited nightly roundtable discussion" featuring "a dynamic exchange of opinions and analyses."

The new Spitzer-Parker show replaces a nightly hour hosted by Campbell Brown, who resigned last month, saying she was frustrated by her own low ratings.
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