Famous Bikini Model Exposed

brooklyn-decker-gilletteDon't hate her because she's beautiful -- admire her because she works her buns off, quite literally. World-famous bikini model Brooklyn Decker recently reached the pinnacle of her career: being selected to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, which then led to being selected as the summer ambassador for Venus products by Gillette.

That means this woman will be ubiquitous, in nothing but a bikini. She says reaching those two career peaks was by no means easy, and it certainly wasn't always pretty.

"There are many nights when I'm traveling and I only get about four hours of sleep," she says. Imagine flying for 14 hours, and having to look camera-ready shortly after you land. Makeup and Photoshop can only do so much. Then there's the athleticism of the shoots -- jumping, running, stretching, sometimes even acrobatics -- and having to hold awkward poses for long periods of time. There's the pressure of having to stay in tip-top shape to be ready for you closeup at a moment's notice, and having to go on 15-plus auditions a day. Then there's dealing with local wildlife -- both the four-legged and two legged variety, not to mention the aquatic variety, many with teeth and tentacles.

It makes your own chosen profession sound a little better, doesn't it? Sure, supermodels can make millions, but they pay a pretty price for it, and the demands of the industry make it impossible to continue for many years. At least you don't have to worry about getting fired if you gain a pound or two, or if a pimple appears on your nose. It might be nice to have an entire entourage following you around to ensure you look your best -- but all those people primping and poking at you, and spending hours hovering over you in a makeup chair can't be fun. Can it?

Decker obviously thinks it's worthwhile, and actually sees her job as an opportunity to empower women. That comes as a bit of a shock to those of us who feel somewhat disempowered when confronted by her physical perfection. But she says the things she's learned can help women look and feel their best whether they're on the beach or in a boardroom, claiming it's all about health and energy.

"I was blessed with an athletic build," she acknowledges, explaining the fact that some of her assets are God-given. And she confesses to being a caffeine addict, which explains some of her energy. But she's also a big advocate of eating well and eating often. Unlike many models, she has a very healthy relationship with food. "I love to eat, and I eat all the time," she says.

Oh, come on now! A supermodel who eats a lot? I asked her to forgive my skepticism.

"It's all about what you eat," she explains. She talks about how important it is to eat often to keep you energy up and to keep your body from storing fat, and suggests low-fat mini meals or snacks that you can eat anytime, anywhere -- at your desk, in your car, on a bus, etc. Some of her favorites are berries, nuts like almonds, cashews and macadamias, slices of lean meat, salads that you pack at home with low-cal dressing, and, her personal favorite, carrots dipped in hummus. "Most airports even carry that these days," she notes.

Another way to maintain a healthy appearance -- especially if you spend a lot of time indoors, as so many working women do -- is with a self-bronzer. She says a little bronze glow on your face can make you look like you just got back from a refreshing vacation, no matter how tired you might feel.

Decker knows all about feeling tired. Not only does she have to keep on top of her own demanding career, but she also has to be a deeply involved with and supportive of husband Andy Roddick's, the tennis superstar she married in April 2009.

The couple divide their time between homes in Austin, Texas, and Brooklyn, N.Y.; and so far, they only have their bulldog, Billie Jean, to care for. That leads to the subject of Decker's alternate career choice. If modeling and acting (she's now appeared in several TV series and movies) weren't in the cards for her, Decker says she'd be a veterinarian. "I grew up with four dogs and a cat," she explains. "Our house was the one where everyone dropped off their strays."

But no matter what her profession -- no matter what your profession -- Decker has one most important secret to share: "It's all about maintaining our energy, so we can continue ruling the world!"

And that energy can be contagious.

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