Apartment Design Blogs: Space Solutions Galore

apartment design blogsDesign blogs have tackled stubborn issues with creative solutions this week. So if you've tried to shrug off the frustrations of a lack of space, only to have clutter re-emerge, find fantastic new storage fixes below. Then, keep it all smelling fresh and clean (sans chemicals), add a foolproof flower pot, and throw a dinner party that eschews stuffiness in favor of fun.Apartments aren't getting any bigger, as designShrine astutely points out, but there is hope. Combat the dreaded clutter by thinking "upward" and "multi-functional." Hallways and lofts also can serve as space-making places. Get the full scoop, along with product recommendations.

There's something soothing and satisfying about an apartment filled with stacks of books. But if your hardcovers have overtaken table space and nightstands, consider the alternatives: chic and simple storage and display options for your favorite titles, gathered by Ready Made Writer Megan Jeyifo. Taking cues from the nerdy-chic Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone blog, Jeyifo offers up a few suggestions, including unobtrusive wire shelves.

Of course, cleanliness goes beyond clutter-clearing. Keep things green and clean by whipping up homemade cleansers from basic items like baking soda, olive oil and vinegar, advises TheHome. These ideas include a fresh-scented disinfectant, a stain-removing scrub, and an oil-rich furniture polish that sounds almost good enough to eat. Also check out RentedSpaces' interview with eco-maven Sophie Uliano, author of the "Gorgeously Green" series.

We think Uliano would approve of this next item: self-watering pots. Every urbanite likes a reminder of the great outdoors, but not all of us have been blessed with green thumbs -- or garden space, for that matter. The Material Girls, a Dallas-based interior design blog, stumbled upon the playful, brightly-colored pots by Grobal, a company focused on devising innovative garden solutions.

Speaking of solutions, now that "rogue restaurants" are gaining popularity among apartment dwellers, it's time to scrutinize dining decor. No one wants a stuffy setting, but is it possible to maintain both comfort level and style? It is, says Houzz, which has several suggestions for making dining more enjoyable. Whether you try an unexpected coat of paint, unmatched chairs or unique light fixtures, there are plenty of ways to change things up before dinnertime.
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