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This is an official post by Zynga's Electric Blue Ninja. Check it out and tell us if you are facing any of these problems in comments!

The following is a list of issues that our YoVille team is aware of and working on resolving. Please take the time to read over this list of KNOWN ISSUES before reporting an issue.
No Jobs Feature – Clicked through Feed or Received Energy Drink!

If you do not have the jobs and you can still click through Energy Feeds you will still be able receive energy that will be counted towards your Energy total when you receive jobs. These will be waiting in your inventory under "Special" once you get this feature this feature, however until you receive the feature they will not be viewable for you yet.
Also if you receive any Free Gift Energy Drinks and you do not have the Jobs Game then you will receive coins in game until you receive this feature.

Why Don't I have Jobs Yet?

Currently YoVille Jobs has been released to the majority of Facebook. However there is still a small percent that do not have this feature on Facebook yet. For those of you on Myspace we will be brining this feature to Myspace very soon!

Can't Click on Avatar or Animal during Jobs
Refresh YoVille and resume the Job you were doing. You will be brought back to the room and the avatars or animals will randomize and be in a different location when you return.

Editing Issues

Can't Go into Treehouse and Beach House

Players are reporting issues getting into these houses and receiving a white screen. Our team is looking into this issue.

Blacked Out Room
Room is appearing blacked out after editing a room. We have isolated the issue causing this and are working to fix as soon as possible.

Can't Edit Right Side of Outside of Home
We are looking into this issue with the exterior area of the Heart Home, Pumpkin House, etc. Thanks for your patience while we work to fix.

Items Stuck Beneath Arrow
We are currently looking into issues of items getting stuck under the arrow and not being able to retrieve after it is placed. Please be careful when placing items under the arrows while we investigate.

Free Gifts and Feed Issues

Accepting Free Gift Issues
We have recently removed the Zynga Message Center option for some players as we make some improvements to the experience of this feature and some fixes. Until further notice please continue to accept your Free Gifts through your Requests. We are still also looking into accepted gift not showing up in inventory.

Link for Yoville Feeds not Working
This link is taking you to your regular Live Feed. We have forwarded this to Facebook to be looked into. In the meantime please use this troubleshooting step by scrolling to where it says "Older Posts" and click or hover over this tab and Yoville Feeds will appear

Free Gifts
Accepting Gifts and item not showing up in Inventory. First please confirm how you are accepting your Free Gifts. Be aware of accepting gifts through Feeds as if they are for another player you still have the accept option but will not receive it. Accept gifts that are only meant for you and through your Gift Requests. Please verify that the items you are accepting are under 2 weeks old as the Free Gifts expire after 2 Weeks. If you are still having issues please contact support with the date and time and the item you have accepted.

Specific Item or Home Issues

Pool Party Raspberry Coffee Table
We are looking into the coloring of this item. Thanks for reporting.

Layering Issues
Items appear behind these areas when placed on them. Our team is currently looking into this issue!

Background of Homes not Animating
Weve received reports of places in homes that used to animate before, no longer animate.Due to performance issues in game we had to disable the animations. Our team is working to address this issue and getting these areas animated again!

If you have not received a globe, and you have provided us with your email address please try the following link to access the game by clicking HERE


Haven't Received 2nd Group Buying Email

We've seen several reports of users who did not receive their 2nd email. Not to worry! We're setting it up to resend now. In an effort to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate in the Group Buy, we're extending the sale an additional 24 hours (until tomorrow night). Also please make sure to check your spam/junk folders.

Events not showing up on event list
Creating an event automatically sets it to Parties. If you want your event to be in a different section choose the section before creating the event. If you have already created the event – you can edit your event by clicking on it and assigning it to the correct section of events.

Chasing Dust Bunnies
Players are going to visit the Factory or Store and getting stuck at Chasing Dust Bunnies. As a work around please try muting or unmuting your sound in Yoville (Under the Chat Log).

Stuck at Level 50
Currently this is the highest level that the game goes. We are looking into the option of adding new levels in the future.

Not getting paid at Factory
Please contact support so we can investigate and track accounts. Provide a link to your profile and the date and time you are working. Also please try the troubleshooting step of refreshing the game. Always note your coin balance before and after working. http://zynga.custhelp.com/app/ask.

Can't purchase YoCash
If you are having issues purchasing Yocash please contact Support. We will need the following information pertaining to your account: link to your profile, any previous purchase receipts or transaction numbers. Also the error that you are receiving while trying to purchase. http://zynga.custhelp.com/app/ask

- Electric Blue Ninja

This article originally appeared onYoVille Lounge.

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