The 10 best college-themed movies to rent or buy for cheap

The 10 best college-themed movies to rent or buy for cheapThroughout cinematic history, many filmmakers have found ways to portray the social side of college through comedic keg-stands or scholarly stories of self discovery. Although countless movies have focused on these four (or more) life-changing years, few have succeeded to the extent of these 10.

10. With Honors: This 1994 film features actors Brendan Fraser and Patrick Dempsey in their younger years. Monty (Fraser) suffers from every college student's worst nightmare: a crashed computer and a lost thesis. Luckily, he printed a spare, but after a comical fumble, his hard copy ends up in the hands of Simon (Joe Pesci), who lives in a basement of the school. Simon sells back Monty's paper, page by page, in exchange for meals and a stay.

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9. The Paper Chase: This 1973 drama won an Oscar for best supporting role. After struggling to win over his toughest professor, Kingsfield (John Houseman), Harvard law student James Hart (Timothy Bottoms) realizes that he's fallen in love with the professor's daughter, making the class more of a challenge than ever. The film, based on John Jay Osborn Jr.'s novel, brings light to the competitive nature of college.

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8. Van Wilder: Deemed the modern version of Animal House, Van Wilder revolves around a college student (Ryan Reynolds) who loves the university's social life so much that he refuses to graduate. After seven years, his father finally stops paying for Wilder's tuition, so he starts a party business to pay for school, ensuring that his own partying never stops. When a beautiful school journalist (Tara Reid) writes a feature on Wilder, he starts to realize that it may be time to graduate after all.

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7. Horse Feathers: In this classic Marx Brothers comedy, the new school president decides to hire professional football players to help the university win a big game against its rivals. After much confusion, the president hires two duds by mistake and must enroll them in his college in order for them to play, which results in non-stop laughs.

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6. Legally Blonde: Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) lives every girl's dream life: a world of money, clothes and everything pink, but when her hunky boyfriend dumps her for Harvard, she has to step up the smarts to win him back. She enrolls in Harvard Law School herself to prove that blonde doesn't mean dumb.

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5. Good Will Hunting: Technically the protagonist is a janitor at MIT, not a student, but as the film progresses a therapist (Robin Williams) and professor help Will Hunting (Matt Damon) use his gift for math. In his transformation from blue collar to academic, Hunting copes with difficult parts of his past and learns to accept his own self worth.

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4. 21: A small group of MIT students count cards in Las Vegas to earn some quick money. When student Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess), who needs the cash for Harvard Medical School, joins the team and quickly learns the risk involved in gambling. Based on a true story, 21 shows the dangerous draw of fast cash and the difficulty of making ends meet where high tuition's involved.

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3. The Graduate: A recent college graduate (Dustin Hoffman) begins an affair with an older married woman, but finds himself in a tough situation when he starts to fall for her daughter. The 1967 flick focuses on this strange love triangle, along with the world of possibility and decisions after graduation.

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2. Old School: Will Farrell, Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn keep the laughs coming in this movie about several grown men who start a fraternity on campus. (Really, who could forget Farrell's streaking scene?) The house accepts everyone as a frat brother, including an elderly man, but the university's dean threatens to shut them down for their lack of actual college students.

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1. Animal House: This classic college film focuses on the war against a rowdy fraternity that prefers kegs to books. The school's dean attempts to shut down the infamous group of boys, who will accept just about anyone into their frat, and it's up to the Delta House to ensure that the parties keep on rolling. John Belushi turns in a decadent performance for the ages as "Bluto" Blutarsky.

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