Smoker Rights in a Smoke-Free Building

smoke free building
smoke free building

Dear Apartment Guru,

I have been living in my Buffalo, N.Y. apartment for six years. I am, and have been a cigarette smoker the entire time. Lately several of my neighbors have been making such a big deal about those of us who smoke in the building, that our building management has decided to make the building smoke free.

Several of my fellow-smoking neighbors have received letters telling them that there have been complaints about the smoke coming out of their apartments and if they don't stop smoking they will take legal action. A few of them started smoking out front-which I'm sure people will start complaining about shortly.

Anyway, yesterday I got my letter from the management. I have always been on time with my rent and respectful of my neighbors. I open a window when I smoke and am careful about blowing it outside.

What are my options here? The building was not a no-smoking residence when I moved in. And if it was, shouldn't I have been told before signing the lease?


-Smoking in My Own Room