Replay maps in Treasure Isle for less with new discounted fragments

Treasure Isle map fragments sale
Treasure Isle map fragments sale

Map fragments were released over a month ago in Treasure Isle, allowing players to extend their gameplay by purchasing fragments that allow you to replay maps. Currently, map fragments are on sale for 80% off the original price. That is a HUGE discount, and we can only imagine it's because these fragments aren't selling well. You can now buy 10 map fragments for 1 Island Cash (was formerly 5 Island Cash) and 40 map fragments for 3 Island Cash (was 18 Island Cash). If you have been debating buying these fragments to give you more time to discover treasure that you might need to complete your collection, now is the time.

It's unclear how long this deal will last, but they are calling it a "sale" so it doesn't seem like a permanent price decrease. We weren't too sure about this feature, because it seemed like a lazy way for Zynga to make more content for the game. Perhaps the players are feeling the same and haven't been buying these fragments?

Have you bought map fragments for Treasure Isle? What do you think of the feature?