Mafia Wars Global Cup event ends tomorrow

mafia wars global cup event

If you haven't finished the Mafia Wars Global Cup collection yet -- it's do or die time. While the World Cup continues, this limited edition event will only be around for another day. Yup, this time tomorrow night, your chance at scoring some balls will be gone forever. I'm taking about soccer balls, of course.

mafia wars global cup collection

Just in case you need a refresher, the point of the Global Cup event is to complete the Global Cup Collection, which is made up of seven soccer balls, each bearing the colors of a different country. You can locate the balls by performing the special Global Cup jobs (three in all, each take different amounts of time to complete), regular jobs, fighting and one as a free gift from friends.

mafia wars global cup jobs

See the image below to learn what you need to do to get each ball. Once you complete the collection, you will be rewarded with a weapon called 'Injury Time' with 38 Attack and 52 Defense. Those defense stats aren't so bad, so it would behoove you to -- as they say -- get on the ball.

mafia wars global cup collection

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