Gail Posner & son: Update on the mom millionaire, heiress dogs

Gail Posner & son
Gail Posner & son

The son of a Florida heiress who left most of her fortune her dogs and aides is describing his mom as "fragile" and "delusional" who easily fell prey to a pack of opportunists.

Gail Posner died of cancer in March and her will left a total of $26 million to aides and a $3 million trust fund to her three pet dogs, including a Chihuahua named Conchita. She also left her $8.3 million mansion to the dogs and gave one aide the right to live there to care for the pooches.

Her son, Bret Carr, who has sued the aides and the trust fund administrator, has now taken his case to the media, Carr appeared on NBC's "Today" show Monday and talked with Matt Lauer.

Carr claims the aides manipulated Posner into changing her will in their favor. "Slowly, they got into her world," he said, showing a cell phone video he made of his mom in 2008 in which the staff was shooing him away while his mother begs him to stay.

News outlets across the globe have picked up on this story including the Thaindian News in Bangkok, New York Daily News and Sky News in Australia.