FrontierVille Cheats & Tips: Spouse gone missing? Here's how to find 'em

frontierville spouse
frontierville spouse

Getting married in FrontierVille takes almost as much work as it does in real life ('s complete 'Get Married' guide is coming soon). But, today, I finally managed to wrangle a husband (yee-haw!) to help me create my frontier town.

The first goal after acquiring a spouse is to do family chores together, so I sent my husband off to chop some trees (which he downed like a champ, might I add). I took my little pioneer lady to help neighbors with some chores, and then returned to the homestead to find that my spouse was missing in action.

frontierville spouse hiding
frontierville spouse hiding

C'mon, chopping all that wood and feeding all those chickens wasn't that hard, was it? After doing a little looking, If ound him where I left him last, hanging out in a dense part of the woods behind the cabin. Phew!

After doing a little research, it looks like losing your spouse is a common problem in FrontierVille (I remember a similar problem when dogs were introduced in FarmVille). If you have a case of missing spouse: here's how to fix it.

Go to the menu and open your Family Album (you can find it in the My Stuff menu). Click the 'Customize' button underneath your spouse, then click the 'Play' button. That will, in essence, select your spouse, and all you need to do next is click where you want him/her to move next, and s/he will appear.

Note: This trick works on any frontier children as well. See you on the back forty, fellow pioneers.

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