FrontierVille Cheats & Tips: How to Get Married

FrontierVille Letter From Spouse: hard work
FrontierVille Letter From Spouse: hard work

One of the coolest and most novel features in FrontierVille is that you can get married and have kids. This isn't something you start off with immediately though. The game sets 5 major "goals" that cover at least a dozen different achievements -- everything from planting crops, buying animals, building a store, to collecting items for assembling wedding clothes.

All this, you must do alone, but you'll have the occasional letter to keep you company as you build a home for two. When your spouse arrives, you'll get to choose his or her gender and appearance, and yes, this means s/he can even be the same sex! Once your spouse is settled down, s/he becomes a second player, whom you can click on to help achieve more goals together. (TIP: Contrary to an early report, the spouse won't have his or her own energy meter, but will share yours. In terms of benefits, there are certain goals which are spouse-only. Plus, toggling between your spouse and yourself helps you reach more of the homestead, which can create higher, unbroken work combos.)

We've outlined all those achievements for you in one go. Read on to see what tasks need to be performed, what items you'll need, and the kinds of rewards you can expect.