FarmVille Dairy Barn Expansion

farmville dairy expansion
farmville dairy expansion

The Dairy Barn expansion arrived! You can now expand the storage capacity from 20 to 40 for up to 5 dairies, giving you room for 200 cows total. To expand your Dairy Barn click on it and open the Expand Menu. Select the Dairy Barn you would like to add 10 extra storage to and click expand. You will need to get the help of 10 friends over 3 days, like all barn raisings have worked in the past. You also have an option to 'Buy Now' for 10$FV instead of asking your friends to help.

You will be able to perform 2 barn raisings for each dairy, so a total of 10 or 100 clicks to help from friends.

Note: For now Cow Print Dairy Barns are not expandable, this was posted by Lexilicious on the Official FarmVille Forums.

Have you expanded your Dairy Barn?

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