YoVille: Guide to Mastering New Jobs

A new way to earn coins has been added to YoVille. The Jobs feature is going to bring you more items, more coins and more fun! Become a Party Entertainer, Pet Rescuer, Ghost Hunter and many more. After the jump is everything you should know about this exciting feature.

You are a few steps away from finding your YoVille dream job!

What are YoVille Jobs?

This is a new feature that will allow you to make more coins, get a chance to receive new rare items and give you more fun things to do in YoVille.

Where Do I Start?
YoVille Do Jobs
Click on the Briefcase icon at the bottom of the screen.

You will then be given a choice of several different and exciting jobs to try. You can have fun being a Party Entertainer, Animal Rescuer, and Ghost Hunter. Give them all a try and discover you favorite! By completing Jobs and mastering Job Categories you will unlock more jobs, earn lots of coins and pick up rare items along the way!
YoVille Choose Job Category
When you choose a Job you will be taken to the Job Locations. This may be in an alleyway, a YoVille Party or even a Haunted House! There will be a key mission in your job that you must complete. For example let's check out the Ghost Hunter Job – Creepy Keepsake.
YoVille Creepy Keepsake
In this job, your mission is to find all 9 statues. Once you choose to do this job, you'll be taken to a Haunted House full of ghosts! You will then need to click on all of the ghosts to bust them. Busting the ghosts will give you awesome prizes, coins and YP while you search for the statues. After you are done clicking on all of the ghosts in a room you will see footsteps that lead you to the next room full of ghosts. Once you find all 9 statues your job will be completed and you will be rewarded!

*Hint* You'll see hints along the way to help you find the statues faster. Also when you collect them all you will get an extra coin reward, so be sure to complete your jobs.
YoVille Job Finished
Tips for Completing Jobs:

Clicking on ghosts is fun, but it also takes your Energy. You use 6 Energy for every ghost you bust.
YoVille Job Ghost Busting
Remember to pick up all the coins, YP and prizes that the ghosts leave behind. You'll find lots of rewards to pick up so make sure to not forget anything!
YoVille Job Prizes
You'll see hints along the way to help you find the statues. Follow the hints to complete the job faster.
YoVille Prize Really Close

More ways to get energy and share it too! –
You can now receive and share energy through Feeds and Free Gifts. We'll have two separate feeds that you can post depending on if you are out of energy or if you just found some energy and want to share with friends. So whether you are out of energy or feeling generous make sure to "share" or ask for help and help each other out!

Don't forget you'll also be able to send your friends these new Free Gift energy drink as well so ask your friends to send you some energy drinks and send some back in return.

Energy Free Gifts:
YoVille Energy
Energy Feed #1 After you have found a bucket of energy drinks during YoVille Jobs and want to share them with your friends
YoVille Bucketful of Energy feed
YoVille Energy feed share
Energy Feed #2 – Will allow you to ask your friends for more energy when you run out.
YoVille Not Enough Energy
YoVille Need More Energy
*Please note that if you do not have jobs yet but are seeing the Energy Drink feeds that you can still click in on the Feeds to receive Energy and we will store them for you until you receive this feature but you will not be able to view them yet. When you do receive the feature they will appear under the "Special" category of your inventory. Also, if you do not have the feature yet and receive the Energy Free Gifts you will receive coins instead until you receive this feature :) *

Resume YoVille Jobs where you left off playing If you are in the middle of a job and have to sign off you will no longer have to go through the entire job location to pick up where you left off. Instead when you click on the job you are resuming you will be taken straight to the room you were last in during the last time you played that particular job.

Rare Items will be Giftable/Tradeable – now that the majority of players will have access to these items we will be turning these items on as giftable and tradeable so you can sell them or give them away to your friends. If you don't have this feature yet don't worry you will very soon and will be able to get a chance to receive these rare items. Until then you may have a nice friend that may want to share until you receive this feature ;)

Jobs Payouts – based on your feedback we saw that many of you would like to know how much you can make per job. This will now be displayed when browsing different jobs and you will be shown a range of coins you can make during each job. This will not only show you how much you will be able to make but will let you now prioritize your time in jobs, based on coin payouts for which jobs you would like to complete first or use your energy on!


Can I work at the Widget Factory and the Jobs game at the same time?
A: Your energy allows you to work at either the Widget Factory OR the Jobs game once every 5 hours. With the Jobs Game you can use your energy to keep playing as it replenishes. You do not have to wait until it's at 100%.

You will need 100% energy to be able to work at the Widget Factory. Your Energy automatically replenishes to 100% every 5 hours. If you choose to work at the Widget Factory you will be able to do so every 5 hours. This is a recent change from the 6 hour wait period that you used to have at the Widget Factory.

Some days you may want to mix and match these options. If you're rushed in the morning and you just want to make sure you get some coins, head over to the Widget Factory and collect your standard pay. If you have a little time for fun, make sure you try out a new Job! On average the new Jobs will allow you to earn a lot more coins than the factory. You'll also pick up rare items that are only available in jobs, and unlock new jobs as you complete them and level up. Higher level jobs earn higher amounts of coins

Why didn't I find all of the rare items when I completed a job?
A: The items that you find in Jobs Game are truly Rare. This means that not everyone will find every Rare item. You may not find all of the Rare items on your first completion of a Job. You can always come back and try again though.

Can I trade or gift the rare items that I find?
A: Yes, Jobs Game rare items are giftable and tradeable.

Is the Widget Factory leaving YoVIlle?
A: At this time we have no plans to remove the Widget Factory from YoVille.

Do I have to do the new Jobs?
A: No, you still have the option to collect coins from the Widget Factory just like before the Jobs Game came out.

Do I have to pay for energy? How do I get more energy?
A: There are multiple ways to receive energy. Your Energy Bar automatically replenishes to 100% every 5 hours. Check the timer below your Energy Bar if you want to know when to expect more. Energy replenishes at the rate of 1 energy every 3 minutes.

You'll also collect Energy Drinks while completing jobs. It will be a large Energy Drink that will appear after clicking on the ghost, so make sure to click on it. Each Energy Drink will give you some extra energy so try to collect as many as you can! When you are out of energy click on your backpack to find the extra energy that you've found in the Job Game.

If you need energy fast you can purchase 100% energy by clicking on the Energy Backpack and then Energy Refill. This will be an extra way to get that energy refill fast if you are itching to get to that next job! If you're not in a hurry, you can always wait for you energy to replenish for free.

You can also collect Energy Drinks from your friends through Special Energy Feeds and as Free Gifts to send to your friends and ask your friends to send to you.

Will MySpace get the new Jobs Games?
A: We are working hard to make sure that we can add Jobs Game to MySpace in the near future.

Have Fun!

Source: Official posts by Platinum & Pink Ninja.

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