Verizon Revamps FiOS Pricing Plans

Watching TVVerizon Communications (VZ) has launched several changes to its FiOS TV and Internet bundling service plans. It's aiming to attract new customers with a 30-day, no obligation, lock-in-the-price-for-two-years contract. It also has a new month-to-month billing plan. Verizon's is targeting cable and satellite TV customers with its offerings because those industries increasingly cross over into Verizon's core wireless and phone business.

Under the changes, new customers can sign up for a month-to-month bundled service and pay the same rate as those on a term contract, shaving off $20 in additional monthly costs compared with the old arrangement, according to the company's announcement Monday.

Verizon is also launching a "worry-free guarantee," which allows new customers to sign a two-year contract with the option to cancel within 30 days without penalties or termination fees. Both plans allow customers to lock in prices for one year with the month-to-month arrangement and for two years with the "worry-free" contract.
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